"The GO Network"

Pull-Through Sales Distribution Model

4 Key Pull-Through Model Components: 
  1. Orthopedic Industry Experience and Expertise of Our Proven Sales Management Team Has Positioned Our Team to Develop Extensive Industry Contacts and Customer Relationships That Can Provide Timely Customer Access for a Start-Up Company. These Relationships Enables The GO Network to Execute the Pull-Through Sales/Distribution Model.

  2. The GO Network's Top Performing Turnkey Distribution Network is Securely Positioned With Key Hospitals and Surgeons That Facilitates account access and entry.  This Position of Strength Complements the Surgeon Access that Our Sales Management Team Brings.  Furthermore, Our Sales Management Team Has a Successful History in Working with Our Distributor Partners in Driving Results.  Revenue Stream From the GO Network Distribution Network tops $1.5B. 

  3. Global Surgeon Advisory Board Can Provide Valuable Input to Strategy, Market Accessibility, and Market Needs to Help Develop Effective Market Penetration Strategies worldwide.

  4. Pull-Through Sales/Distribution Model- The Collective Efforts of the Above Teams Positions a Start-Up Company to Gain Timely Market Traction, Timelier Revenue Stream, and a Healthier P & L Positioning That Also Minimizes Investment Risk versus Hiring a Full-Time Sales/Marketing Staff. Working Smart Costs Less.
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