"The GO Network"

Client Benefits

Cash Flow Management- P & L Friendly 
Infusing needed expertise in all functional areas, including outsourced, experienced  sales management as needed.  Significantly expands company''s resource capability while hitting the P & L as a variable versus fixed cost.  Also provides flexibility should delays arise.

Market Access & Penetration
The combination of a proven, high performance sales management team, immediate access to global distribution network and WW Surgeon Advisory Board is the key to achieving more timely market access, greater market penetration and more timely revenue stream.

Immediate Access to Global Distribution Network 
Immediate access to a proven global distribution network.  Eliminate time delays in establishing new distribution network as well wasting further time and resources in managing distributor turnover.

By tapping into the The GO Network's extensive network, a company is going to greatly expand their commercialization capabilities and market reach that leads to greater company valuation at exit strategy.

Global Surgeon Advisory Board
Access to this team provides valuable market and clinical feedback to ensure greater success.  The Board consists of world renown surgeons throughout the world including several current and recent past major Surgical Association Presidents.  See Surgeon Advisory Board webpage.

Talent Recruitment  
Eliminate recruiting time and wasted resources

Equity Dilution Control
Timelier and greater revenue streams combined with incorporating executive expertise on a variable cost basis vs. fixed cost basis with direct employee sales management team.  Projected savings 40 to 50% off direct employee model that translates to a potential $1.2M P & L savings annually.

U.S. Foreign Firms Penetrating U.S. Market
Access to turnkey, proven U.S. distribution network overcomes significant market barriers to entry.

"The GO Network" can help you address each of these challenges.  Please contact us for more details on just how a partnership can help.

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